VISION : - To become a most preferre solar solutions company in MadhyaPradesh and acquire sighnificant status in market.To develop,apply and offer best solutions to solar energy needs to all classes of socaity using solar energy sources, through continues product & technical inovation, customer orientation & a focus on cost effecteness and Develop Smart Solar Villages in MadhyaPradesh.

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Rural Area Solar Developments

    Our company, Solardut Sunspot Technology Pvt. Ltd. is working diligently in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh, with special interest in solar electrification work of rural areas of the district.... Read More

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Solar Awareness

    Awareness to this amazing source of energy is among the lowest in people of Madhya Pradesh, India. There are doubts, misconceptions and uncertainty whether this technology is the right one for future... Read More

Our Company's Future Aspects


          This module we are a whole bunch of new solar products being develop & manufacturing, take a look at any existing product that needs power to operate and think about how you could use solar energy to provide that power, assembling solar products, packaging productsand such as...



Solar Power Project Developments

          We develop small solar projects from the company through which in small towns where the problem of electricity persistsgive them electricity on cheap rate.