Rural Area Solar Development

      Our company, Solardut Sunspot Technology Pvt. Ltd. is working diligently in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh, with special interest in solar electrification work of rural areas of the district. Even in rural areas due to lack of awareness, rural people are not able to know Solar Energy, as the work that is being governed is not enough. That’s why we are doing a small effort under the banner of our Solardut Company. Solardut illuminate their homes to solar energy in rural areas is trying to do the low cost.

            Firstly by our company, in the lower level rural areas, especially small lamps which have used every day in rural livelihood. First of all, our company will work in the grassroots rural areas especially, which are used every day in rural livelihoods, such as small lights, lights, fan and similar products which rural purchases easily.

            Gradually, after coming up with awareness in the rural areas, we will work on providing some rooftop panels and solar lamps in rural homes which are of low prices. In doing so, it will be our small effort to support India's solar power self-sufficiency.

            In the future, we will select villages in some rural areas and plant solar power plants in those villages and we will install two lights and one fan running solar power in every household. By doing this, we will be proud to fulfill our company's dream of Smart Solar Villages.