Solar Water Pumping Systems

     Solardut is now focused on further growing our rapidly expanding residential, commercial and wholesale solar and energy solutions divisions; continuing our decade-long tradition of providing the best products and services. One of the simplest and most economical uses of solar energy is for pumping water. With advances in pumps and pump controllers, solar water-pumping systems have become fairly easy to install, operate, and maintain. If you live beyond the reach of the grid, have a remote pumping need, or need to cut costs on applications like: – Irrigation; – Fish pond aeration; – Poultry heating; – Livestock watering; – Buildings and houses with insufficient water supply

   Then a solar-electric pump system can be a solution that is reliable and sustainable.

            Designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation, the solar water pumping system is especially suitably for water supply in remote location such as: – villages, schools, hospitals, single-family houses, etc. Application for homes and businesses in rural areas and towns: – pressure boosting in the house, swimming pool.

   Community water supply

            Designed for reliability, simplicity and low risk, Solardut delivers a robust solar- powered water supply that meets requirements for water operations in developing countries. Our solutions ensure sustainable water supply for crops, livestock, domestic water, drinking water and small businesses. These help water service providers support remote communities and informal settlements with source-to-tap solutions, keeping lifecycle costs low.

   Livestock watering for ranchers and game parks

            Designed for off-grid tank-filling and specific watering requirements, Solardut delivers a robust and cost-effective solar-powered water supply system that gets water to the livestock. The water source and watering tanks on the ranch or the game farm are often far from the grid, and using a solar water supply increases efficiency, pumping directly to a tank, where water is required.

   Solar-powered pumping systems and products

            More than is the case for a conventional system, a solar-powered water supply requires optimized and correctly sized pumps and components to maximize benefits. Find out more about our broad range of products for building a complete solar water solution that ensures the best returns on your investment.