Welcome To Solardut Solar PV Repairs

       Solar PV Repairs is one of the most established and specialized solar panel installation and maintenance platform in Perth. Offering a complete package of solar PV repair services, including installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and upgrades, we are trained to work on almost any type of solar panel. Like any other technology, solar panel systems have to maintained and repaired to ensure the best possible results. With our exclusive solar PV repair package, you can be certain that your system is in its optimal condition.

    Staying true to our claims, we deliver what we promise – efficient, functional, and durable solar panel system Whether you want to get your solar panel system installed, repaired, inspected, or maintained, Solar PV Repairs has got all your needs covered. Our extensive experience has enabled us to expand our network and diversify our services to repair more systems and satisfy more clients.


   Solar Panel Inspection

            Installing solar should’ve been a no-hassle, low-maintenance decision to save you money and invest in clean energy. Whether your solar panel system is under-producing or isn’t functioning at all, our trained technicians will inspect every aspect of your system and diagnose any issues preventing proper performance.

            Our experts will inspect every component of your system, including the monitoring system, conduit, and service panel.

            Our Inspection & Diagnostic Services Include:

           • Inspection of your solar panel system and all components to ensure proper functionality.

            • Inspection of roof flashings, conduit, and service panel to ensure code-compliant installation.

            • Review of your online monitoring system to ensure power production is occurring as expected.


   Solar Panel Cleaning

            Whether you’re looking for the best performance possible or just prefer the pleasing aesthetics of a clean solar panel system, our trained technicians safely wash your panels using the techniques, equipment, and cleaners approved by panel manufacturers.

            Our competitive pricing makes cleaning your solar panel system affordable and effective against the dirt, grime, and residue that may accumulate over time.

            Our technicians do the job right:

            • We use only approved cleaning solutions and equipment to protect your investment/warranty.

            • We use treated water instead of hard water that can leave sediment deposits on panels.

            • After cleaning, panels typically produce 5%-10% more energy than when dirty.


   Solar Panel Repair

            We can help, even if we didn’t install your system! If your system is under-producing or not working at all, schedule an inspection and we’ll send out a technician to determine the issues and diagnose the cause. While some problems can be fixed right on the spot, pricing for repairs to your system will vary based on the scope of work needed.

            The inspection fee will always be applied toward the repair service cost.

            Typical repair services include:

            • Solar Panel Replacement / Upgrade

            • Inverter Replacement / Upgrade

            • Monitoring System Programming

            • Other Wiring/Electrical Issues

   Other Offers

            We, at Solar PV Repairs, remove, relocate, and clean solar panels and inverters to ensure your satisfaction. In additional to handling roof leaking projects, we rectify dangerous electrical systems.

• Damaged solar panels

• Inverter maintenance

• Inverter relocation

• Inverter swaps

• Panel cleaning

• Panel maintenance

• Performance checks

• Rectifying dangerous systems

• Removal of solar panels

• Roof leaks

• Roof top isolators

• Solar electrician

• Solar panel relocation

• Solar system upgrades

• Solar warranty claims