Solar System Upgrades

       In the same way that solar systems are designed to achieve many different goals the decision to upgrade your homes solar system can be based on very different needs.Factors such as your existing solar system, energy retail contract and the electricity needs of your home all play a part in determining how you would benefit from a solar system upgrade.

   Existing Solar Systems

     The first step in assessing the suitability of a solar upgrade is to analyse the performance and reliability of your current solar system. An efficient system that is still producing much needed energy is worth retaining however an outdated solar system may not be worth the space it takes up on your roof. To evaluate your systems performance you can usually monitor the total energy generated each day from the screen on the solar inverter. By comparing this to the normal output of a system the same size and age we can work out if all or any of the components in your existing system are worth keeping or replacing..

   Troubles with your solar or need to upgrade?

   Solardut can help you.

            Solar systems are a very reliable and relatively simple technology but we all know no matter how great things are, sometimes there are problems or you may simply want to upgrade. Accord Electrical we diagnose, repair and upgrade solar systems. Our solar accredited electricians can make repairs to inverters and panels that may have been damaged or become faulty. We also upgrade systems based on power needs for your family now and in the future.

   Inverter Repair

            A lot of systems are now quite a number of years old and a few inverters – especially the cheaper ones – are starting to play up. We can repair or replace inverters under warranty as well as those that are out of warranty. Just give us a call or use our contact form – we’re happy to help.

   Panel Repairs

            Panel damage is rare, but when you do as much with solar as we do you see the odd instance of hail damage – even cricket ball damage! This can mean your entire system stops working.

Usually replacement of the damaged panel is the best option but as always we will offer alternatives if possible.

If a replacement is necessary. It will need to be the same specifications as the original. If we don’t already have one in stock, we should be able to track one down through our extensive network of suppliers so we are quietly confident we will able to find a suitable replacement panel for your system.


            Perhaps you’d like a bigger system but you’re not sure how it will affect your current feed in tariff? If you have spare capacity on your existing inverter we can usually source panels that will work with those you already have and so you can maximize the effectiveness of your system and you won’t lose your existing feed in tariff.

   Battery Ready

            Solar storage is here and will become economical in the near future. If you are upgrading or repairing – considerations should be given to how the system will work with batteries. Give us a call or use our contact form. We will get an understanding of your situation, what your current bills are and give you advice on whether you’re best to stay as you are, or whether it would be advantageous for you to upgrade.