Solar Thermal Project Installation

       Our service range includes a wide range of Solar Water Heater Installation & Maintenance Services, Solar Thermal Project Installation & Maintenance Services and Solar Thermal Product Installation Services……

  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Thermal Project
  • Solar Air heating systems

   Installation of Solar Water heating systems:

            A solar water heater consists of a collector to trap the heat energy of sun rays by use of selective coating. The heat is transferred to riser pipes or tubes so that water through the tubes gets heated and is delivered to storage tank. The total system with solar collector, storage tank and pipelines is called Solar Water Heating System. The hot water temperature can be raised up to 800 C by re-circulation of same water through collector.

            The mission is setting an ambitious target for encouraging solar thermal applications in domestic and industrial segment. The key strategy is to make solar heaters mandatory, through building bye-laws and incorporation in the National Building Codes to ensure effective mechanism for certification/rating of manufacturers To promote such thermal applications through Solardut power utilities, and Solardut is installation of Solar Water Heating Systems for schools, colleges, industries etc.

   Installation of Solar Air Heating Systems:

            Solar Air Heating Systems consist of collectors which have an airtight and insulated metal frame and a high transmittance solar glazing for absorbing sunrays and heat the air in the collector. An electrically powered fan moves air through the collectors and then blows back to the building using conventional.