Solar Energy Awareness

            Solar awareness is a major area that requires immediate attention. Solar energy is one of the strong points that India should focus pointing to the fact its hunger with development areas in all walks of the technology. Stats show that in some parts of rural area status is improving. But there is still a huge amount of untapped energy source which a country size of billion people can utilize more precisely for better effects. Awareness to this amazing source of energy is among the lowest in people of India. There are doubts, misconceptions and uncertainty whether this technology is the right one for future.

            Being renewable is one prime reason it should be taken seriously for future scope. Energy security, reliability, cost effective, better return on investment, independence as well as employment opportunities too. Pollution produced during electricity produces is none while there is some when solar cells are made. Maintenance is also low during operational stage making it the most favorable for residential use in house or home roofs too.

            Farmers have a large presence in rural area in Madhya Pradesh. Our company Solardut Sunspot Technology Pvt. Ltd. that work with rural people and farmers for training, better product understanding, and lending. We link with such organizations to interact with these rural people and farmers, to better understand their energy needs…

            Solardut conduct training programs need to be developed in local languages to spread information on the benefits of solar energy and proper use and maintenance of the plants being installed in the villages. Also, the involvement of women is critical. Women are the main end-users of electricity in the households as they spend most of their time indoors doing most of the household chores. Empowering them would result in the empowerment of the entire society. Thus, specialized training programs need to be created for women and be delivered from time to time.

       Information and Public Awareness Programme

  • Showcasing cost-effective and utilitarian products like Solar Lanterns, Solar Cookers, Solar Pump sets, Solar Power banks, etc. at obvious points-of-contact like Railway Stations, Bus Stations, E-Gov centers, Healthcare Centers, et al.
  • In-media promotions in Movie Halls, Television Broadcasts, etc.
  • Road shows during village fairs and village shows.
  • Showcasing and incentivizing the purchase of the above mentioned products at factories, community centers, education and training centers, etc. by the Management.
  • Though NGOs, NPOs and Rural Marketers.
  • By jacking up the prices manifold and then offering insane discounts - this too never fails to work!
  • Mandatory (by law) promotions during cricket /tennis /football /badminton / kabaddi matches - League/No-league doesn't matter!
  • Again, mandatory promotions during all the heavy-duty soaps /reality shows /song-dance competitions / sitcoms /comedy show on all the channels that are being broadcasted in the state . The timing, mind you, has to be staggered and unpredictable else they will meet the same fate as that of most of the commercials.
  • Publicity through Electronic Social Media • Publicity through Print & Postal Media
  • Publicity through Exhibitions and Outdoor Media
  • Smart Solar Villages in Madhya Pradesh
  • Solar in the School / Colleges and Native Villages Communities outreach activities
  • Solar Thermal Power consciousness

   Awareness on renewable energy low among Indian consumers:

            • A survey by Solardut, has found awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency very low among consumers. However, the survey found that 70 per cent of the consumers were willing to pay higher for electricity from renewable energy sources.

            • According to the survey Soalrdut Awareness only 40 per cent of consumers had heard of ‘renewable energy’ or ‘clean energy’, and only 30 per cent had heard of ‘energy efficiency’.

            • Solardut surveyed more than 500 rural consumers in Madhya Pradesh that led to a strong evidence that consumers were willing to pay more for uninterrupted power and the opportunity to use renewable energy. This survey was conducted in areas around Balaghat, seoni, Mandla, Dhindori and Chhindwada.