Solardut ... Sunspot Technology Pvt. Ltd.

           Regional expansion in the field of solar energy management and develop a strong base of key customers with full gratification. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build good reputation in the field of solar energy and product service management.

           Solardut offers a unique distribution model (solardut shop) as part of its inclusive business commitment, partnering with local entrepreneurs who sell clean-energy products under the Sunspot Technology Pvt. Ltd..’ We have set up brick-and-mortar service facilities to fix any technical issues, as well as educate customers. We periodically meet with consumers to better understand their product and design needs, so that by working with technical partners we are able to provide them with high-quality and relevant products. Our experience in rural marketing and market-based solutions have given us a better understanding of how to reach the right customers, and provide applicable products to different segments of the market. Our experience with product companies give us an advantage in negotiating price points which are affordable for our target customers. Because of our high-touch approach and emphasis on quick and simple servicing, customers have begun to trust our brand and regain confidence in clean-energy solutions as a way to improve household health, wealth and productivity. we believe that each and every household deserves access to goods and services that will enhance their health, wealth, and productivity.

           We are a for-profit business with a social mission: to eradicate deadly killers like kerosene and ensure a more energy-equitable future for millions of households. Our brand is based on customer trust—unless rural households can rely on us for dedicated service, education, and continued local presence, they will go back to using dangerous forms of energy.

           We promise to provide high quality products, educate the masses about solar, create local access to these solutions, provide on the spot after-sales service, and stay in constant touch with our end customers. We believe that true customer service is the key to satisfaction, and solardut will always put the customer first.